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The traditional Greek sandal  found in the alleys of the islands, is a timeless product linked to Greece's identity. The main idea for KYMA, is preserving this historic concept  in a version of higher quality and elegance. Our goal is to offer high end Greek leather sandals with minimalistic aesthetics, combining the classic with the modern.
Each style of KYMA is named after a Greek island reflecting the aesthetic and feel you get from each one. Just like the islands, each one has its own idiosyncrasy, but they all share the blue sole. This is a reminder that all the Greek islands even though appear as worlds of their own, small oases, sometimes set apart from the rest of the world, they all "sail" the Greek blue sea.  KYMA pays tribute to the Greek seas with its distinctive blue sole and its name which in Greek means wave.

Click image below to view the look book!

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Summer '19

Image-1 (18).png

Fall '18

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 1.05.08 PM.png

Spring '19

Summer '18​

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