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Johny be good is a belgian brand of tattood white shirts. A necessary and classy wardrobe item with a unique embroidery, handwritten by illustrator Axelle Zwartjes. 

The motif of the collection is lovesickness. This is the story of the muse, Patti Lee. She’s a modern woman, in the winter of her life. Her ancient soul is damaged by the search of freedom, but there’s a fire inside her. In terms of love she knows no abstention, only blunt recklessness and thirsty quests.

She faces her demons before she faces anything else. Her heart is always on the street, fragile and waiting to be broken once more. She can’t help it, she believes in love, it carries her over wild and misty rivers, and always brings her home, wherever
that may be. The answer to her questions lies in her tattoos, a guide on how to handle her restless spirit.


Discover our unique and limited collection.

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