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ILANO blends modern design with time-honored techniques. Deeply inspired by indigenous crafts, and the innovations in movement, line, and texture by women artists such as Ruth Asawa, the Bauhaus Weaving Workshop, and Sister Corita Kent, ILANO creates a platform to explore traditional handcrafts through a contemporary lens.

Building off founder Roseli Ilano’s passion for textiles and decade of experience as a writer, educator and developer of storytelling campaigns for social justice and human rights, Ilano designs the textiles for the line in her studio, partnering with artisans from around the globe. Ilano is a Girlboss Grant recipient and winner of the Scion Motivate Prize for Young Entrepreneurs. Her travels and collaborations have taken her from the valleys of Oaxaca to the lush terraces of the Philippine Cordillera, but she holds fort in Oakland, California.

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